All the creatures are stirring with excitement in this lively retelling of the classic Twas the Night Before Christmas. Who can settle them all down? Watch your little one work a little holiday magic just in time for Santa to arrive!

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A new holiday tradition!  Let the magic of the season begin with a reading of this charming personalized Christmas book, starring your child!

Written by children's author Marsha Hayles, this personalized book will dazzle your child (and you!) with the updated retelling of Twas the Night Before Christmas. Readers familiar with the original version will be delighted to find that the story remains true to the original, while bringing a fresh and modern spin. Your child will love this updated story and will also enjoy the sweet and gentle watercolor illustrations by Sandra Salsbury.

A super-personalized Christmas gift

The Night Before Christmas makes a unique Christmas gift for the little reader in your life. Your child will be tickled to see themselves as the main character throughout their very own book, starting with the book cover! In addition, you can super-personalize your book in a number of other ways!

  • Add your child's name to the story. They'll love seeing their name on the book cover and once in the book.
  • Upload a photo of your child's brother or sister...or cousin, best friend or any other special person in their life!  They will be thrilled to catch an unexpected glimpse of them on a page or two!
  • Pick from three different skin tone colors, to best match Santa's skin tone with that of your child's.
  • Add up to five additional family member names - each will have their very own stocking hung over the fireplace mantle.
  • Upload two additional family photos; your child will get a kick out of seeing their family photos in their book!
  • Write a special dedication to your child, which will be included at the end of the book. They will love reading a personalized message, written especially for them.

It's easy to create your personalized Christmas book - to get started, all you need is your child's name and photo.

Our personalized children's books for kids are crafted with the utmost care, so you can order with confidence. Your child’s name and face are featured throughout their personalized story, and every book undergoes meticulous quality control steps, from pre-order previews to two manual reviews by our staff, on its journey from your computer screen to your child’s waiting hands. We stand by our products 100% and offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Create an unforgettable, keepsake gift that your child will love and keep forever! 

  • Perfect for kids 3-8
  • 32 pages long
  • Available in hardcover or softcover format (8.5" × 11")
  • From $29.99

Our customers love Night Before Christmas!

"Kids want to see people who look like them in books. So it was awesome for my brown-skinned daughter to see herself as the hero of the book... not to mention a brown-skinned Santa Claus!  Kudos!"
—Dana F.
"This is the perfect Christmas gift. The quality of the book is excellent. And, I love that it will be a keepsake for my grandson to show his children someday."
—Kay C.
"My son literally squealed when he saw his sister in his Christmas book! He loved it so much."
—Janet B.