"That’s me! I’m in a book!"
—Theo F., age 3

“My son received his book a couple days ago and absolutely LOVES it!! He has insisted on reading it at least three times every night before bed. He loves seeing his face throughout the book. "
—Anne H.

“My daughter was so excited to read the book to my grandson. He kept saying "that's me", "that's me". Then they had to read it to him again.  My daughter said this is the best book ever. Thank you for making such a wonderful book. I will be ordering more books for other people soon.”
—Vanessa C.

“I loved seeing my daughters' faces when they saw their books for the first time! They asked how they got in there and were just amazed. The story of the Monster Mess is hilarious and the ABCs are just too adorable. Nothing beats reading and having them shout out 'that’s me!'”
—Susan C.


“It was basically exactly what I was looking for as a gift—something that emphasized learning/reading but felt personal.”
—Mike S.

“Completely in love with this personal, custom, super easy, cute and great keepsake gift!”
—Jessica W.

“This was an amazing book and made a memorable gift for our grandson. The service was incredible and the delivery was quick.”
—Judy L.


“Our Read Your Story books arrived today! These are way beyond my expectations! The quality of the pages, pictures and binding are supreme! I can't wait to share these stories with my grandson. They are so entertaining and beautifully illustrated. Of course, having our sweet grandson as the star makes them my favorite stories of all time. Thank you so much for this priceless gift!”
—Betsie W.

“Just received my book and it is really a beautiful book. You have done a wonderful job incorporating my grandson’s picture into the story and I am sure it will be a keepsake when he is finished with it. It was so worth waiting for.”
—Elaine F.

“The quality and beautiful illustrations exceeded my expectations.”
—Anne H.

“I can definitely tell that there was a real person doing the final work on the books - I know when looking at the preview I was a little worried about their face placements a few times, but when the book was delivered, their perfect little faces were just where they should be.”
—Shannon P.


"The picture I sent wasn’t great quality and within hours I heard from a real person via email and they asked me to send a new picture! I was so impressed by that! Some companies may just do it with the bad quality picture but not this company!"
—Carol L.

"Tell me where you want me to post your praises on the internet. Your customer service is stellar."
—Sheila B.

“I was so impressed with the customer service and how quickly I was contacted when they were not satisfied by the quality of how the photo I chose looked. I sent another photo and they promptly worked with me until we were satisfied.”
—Sara W.