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Personalized book for babies and toddlers: book cover of How Many Shapes Do You See? featuring a child dressed in a red & white striped hoodie, with a snail and egg in front and wind chimes and foliage in the background. Cover is illustrated with the exception of child's face which is an actual photo.
Your child’s name and face are featured on the cover.
Your child’s photo is seamlessly integrated into the book.
Simple rhymes focusing on shapes and numbers.
Beautifully illustrated, using watercolors.
The placement and size of your child’s photo varies throughout.
Add up to 3 additional people to appear in the book.
Your child will love seeing familiar faces in their book!
Book cover of How Many Shapes Do You See? featuring a child dressed in a red & white striped hoodie, with a snail and egg in front and wind chimes and foliage in the background. Cover is illustrated with the exception of child's face which is an actual photo.Sample book page showing a closeup of child in a red and white striped hoodie and leaning on a table with some snails crawling nearby.Watercolor illustration of spiral-shaped snails with rhyming text above.Water color illustration of a red hen and eight oval shaped eggs beneath her. Water color illustration of the inside of a henhouse with hay scattered on the ground. Small square shaped window with a child peeking through. Entire page is illustrated with the exception of the child's face which uses an actual photo. Image of two children with triangle bunting overhead, sitting at a table filled with cakes and drinks. Images of children are actual photos while the rest of the page is illustrated.Image of two children with crowns on their heads, and triangle bunting overhead, sitting at a table filled with cupcakes, drinks, plates and cups. One child is waving a napkin in one hand, the other child is holding a cup. Images of children are actual photos while the rest of the page is illustrated.

How Many Shapes Do You See?

Circles dancing in flowerbeds, rectangles chiming in the trees...shapes are everywhere, you just have to look!

How many shapes can your child find and count as they explore the wondrous natural world?

Create a memorable keepsake book all about shapes and counting numbers. Your child will get a kick out of seeing themselves and up to three friends and family members throughout their very own book!

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“My son received his book a couple days ago and absolutely LOVES it!! He has insisted on reading it at least three times every night before bed. He loves seeing his face throughout the book."
—Anne H.

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  • Perfect for kids 0-3 
  • 30 pages long
  • Available in hardcover or softcover format (8.5" × 8.5")
“Wow! My granddaughter loved seeing herself in this book, and was so excited when she saw other family members in it too! Thank you for such a great gift!"
—Mary B.

children's counting books, shapes books for little kids

Copyright page and Page 1 of A Monster Mess personalized children’s book.  Copyright page shows that this book is made especially for <insert child’s name> and also has an animated gif showing how you can personalize your book with a photo of your family, a pet, artwork.  Page 1 shows a glimpse of the book personalization with the child’s face inserted into the main character of the book

a Personalized book with your child's photo

Watch your child look on with delight as they see their face throughout their very own book (on the cover, plus 11 pages!).

This book is made even more special, incorporating photos of three friends or relatives, along with a personal message from you.

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Photo of a toddler girl holding her personalized copy of How Many Shapes Do You See?.  Her name is on the book cover as is her face.

Personalized Learning

Introduce your child to two concepts at once: identifying shapes and counting numbers!

Come count along as your child and their friends discover all the shapes around them.

How many shapes do you see?

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Open book spread of four children wearing crowns, sitting at a table with cupcakes and drinks with triangle shaped bunting overhead.

Add Multiple Children

Include photos of three friends to appear in your book.
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“Just received my book and it is really a beautiful book. You have done a wonderful job incorporating my grandson’s picture into the story and I am sure it will be a keepsake when he is finished with it. It was so worth waiting for.”

—Elaine F.


“I loved the book! Everyone who sees it thinks it’s the cutest thing and my daughter loves seeing her little face in the pages! Great gift idea!”

—Michelle J.


“I just wanted to let you know how much I absolutely LOVE my grandson's new book! I haven't given it to his mom yet, but I know she will cry when she sees how adorable it is with his pictures throughout. I will be keeping this in mind for other baby gifts!”

—Pamela S.


"That’s me! I’m in a book!"

—Theo F., age 3


“My daughter was so excited to read the book to my grandson. He kept saying "that's me", "that's me". Then they had to read it to him again.  My daughter said this is the best book ever. Thank you for making such a wonderful book. I will be ordering more books for other people soon.”

—Vanessa C.


“I ordered a book! Simply adorable! I am tempted to show the book to my daughter but I want her to be surprised too when my grandson opens it! I also showcased my book with my colleagues (teachers); they loved it.”

—Brenda M-W.


“It was basically exactly what I was looking for as a gift -- something that emphasized learning/reading but felt personal.”

—Mike S.


"My one year niece was so excited to see her face in a book and so were her parents!"

—Jennifer S.


“I love the book! Exceptional quality and a true keeper for years to come!”

—Susan T.


“I absolutely loved my books. I tell everyone about how nice they are and how cute the pictures are with my kids faces in them! The idea that it has their names throughout the entire book is amazing.”

—Heather C.

About The Illustrator

Rebecca Harry lives in Wales, UK with her two lovely children. She studied Graphic Design in University where she specialized in illustration and after graduating, her first creations were for her own greetings card company. Today, Rebecca is a full-time illustrator, having had her work published across the world in countries such as China, USA, Germany and Korea. How Many Shapes Do You See? is just one of many books she has collaborated on with author Stephanie Shaw.

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