Create a custom search and find children's book: a personalized book cover for the Case of the Stolen Dreams, featuring two children's names and faces. The children are dressed as secret agents with dream imagery in the background.
A Search & Find, starring two children.
Your children’s names are incorporated into the story.
Their photos are seamlessly integrated into the book.
Look for missing items to help solve the mystery.
Tackle tongue-twisters and solve riddles along the way.
Add up to 3 family members on the last page.
Add a personal message - for free.
Personalized search & find book cover featuring two children dressed as secret agents, one of whom is holding a magnifying glass.Illustrated arm with a watchface showing someone named Lt. Sandman who is sending a message to the children who star in this personalized book.  Mission is outlined in text beneath the illustration.Two secret agents are sitting at a desk with another agent standing near a window.  The room is filled with fantastical imagery such as a flying pig, a fairy, a purple cow and a ghost. Watch face appears in top left corner with the agents' mission, to search for items that do not appear on a pirate boat.  Page depicts a fun pirate ship scene with swashbuckling pirates and more. Bottom left shows one of the children who stars in this book, and a bonus mission to find certain objects.Three riddles for the children to solve, as well as a tricky tongue-twister to repeat.A page full of illustrated and actual people with their lost dream written on notes and tacked onto a board.Two secret agent badges that say Top Agent, featuring names and faces of the children who star in the book.  Beneath is a custom dedication written by the book giver.

The Case of the Stolen Dreams

Earn your Top Agent badges in a fun-filled, personalized Search & Find mystery that will take your children on an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.

Team up with a friend or sibling to unravel riddles and tackle tongue twisters in a quest to capture the culprit.

BONUS: Solving the mystery will return dreams to your loved ones (up to three of whom whose picture may appear at the end of your book.)  

Create your fun-filled book, personalized for two kids, today!

“Truly, the perfect keepsake gift."
— Mina B.

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  • Perfect for kids 4-8 
  • 32 pages long
  • Available in hardcover or softcover format (8.5" × 11")

Personalized for two!

This personalized Search & Find book stars two children, in their quest to solve the Case of the Stolen Dreams! They'll love seeing their names and faces throughout the book, as well as reading a personal dedication from you.

Create your personalized adventure storybook now - all you need are two names and two photos!

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Searching for the perfect gift?

Our personalized Search & Find book makes a great keepsake gift for birthdays, holidays and more!

Your kids will love poring through this book, made especially for them.

Printed on thick, acid-free paper to withstand the test of time.

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Young boy holding a magnifying glass with a colorful background of a ship with pirates and other ship related imagery

About The Author/ILLUSTRATOR

Tom Grodek is an illustrator, designer, and art director living in Austin, Texas with his wife, two children, and assorted tropical fish. In the first grade, Tom dressed as an artist for career day and never took the costume off. Years later, he graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration.

Today, Tom works as an art director for a cause-marketing group, squeezing as much illustration and storytelling into his work as possible. His illustration style is mostly digital, but Tom tries as best he can to disguise the pixels as more esteemed mediums.

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“My grandson loved this book. Seeing his name & face in the book brought a huge smile to his face. He immediately wanted to read the book!”

—Susan C.


“This personalized book brought surprised faces & happiness to our family at Christmas.  My Grandson & Daughter-law immediately paged through the book with delight.  Two family photos included in the book are priceless.  Will definitely be ordering another!  Love love love it!” 

—Susan K.


“My granddaughter was fascinated that her face and family pictures were in her storybook and she is only 2 1/2.”

—Phyllis M.


“Our Read Your Story books arrived today! These are way beyond my expectations! The quality of the pages, pictures, binding are supreme! I can't wait to share these stories with grandson. They are so entertaining and beautifully illustrated. Of course, having our sweet grandson as the star makes them my favorite stories of all time. Thank you so much for this priceless gift!"

—Betsie W.


“I loved seeing my daughters' faces when they saw their books for the first time! They asked how they got in there and were just amazed. The story of the monster mess is hilarious. Nothing beats reading and having them shout out “that’s me!” 

—Susan Y.


“My toddler especially is obsessed [with his book], and asks us to read his monster story multiple times a night!” 

—Shannon P.