Make a custom story book: the personalized book cover of A Rainy Day Picnic featuring a child in a costume sitting next to a dog, both of whom are looking out of a window
Your child’s name and face are featured on the cover.
Your child’s name and photo appear throughout the book.
Add two family photos to your book.
Your child’s photo is seamlessly integrated into the book.
The placement and size of your child’s photo varies.
Personalized to star your child.
Add a personal message - for free.
Personalized Rainy Day Picnic book cover featuring child named Jordan. Jordan and a dog are looking out the window at the rainy day.Illustration of child in pajamas, standing on a bed with a blanket over his head. The bedroom scene is illustrated but the child's face uses an actual photo.Sample book page:  child going up the stairs with a dog following, to the left is an actual family photo of the child and mom as wall art.  The wall art is an actual photo, the rest of the page is illustrated.Sample book page: child and dog are getting a picnic ready and spreading out the cloth on the ground. This scene is illustrated except for the child's face which uses an actual photo.Sample book page: child is standing in front of a laundry machine with his arms spread out. Page is illustrated except for child's face which uses an actual photograph.Sample book page: child and dog are enjoying an indoor picnic under a table. Page is illustrated except for child's face which uses an actual photo.Dedication page which shows the child pointing to a rainbow. Beneath illustration is the personalized note from the book giver.  Entire page is illustrated except for child's face which uses an actual photo.

Rainy Day Picnic

Come along for an adventurous day of imaginative, indoor play when rain interrupts your child's plans for an outdoor picnic.

...And discover that sometimes, even a rainy day can end with a bright, beautiful surprise!

Get started and create a personalized storybook using your child's name and photo, along with two family pictures!

“Truly, the perfect keepsake gift."
— Mina B.

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  • Perfect for kids 3-8 
  • 32 pages long
  • Available in hardcover or softcover format (8.5" × 11")
Copyright page and Page 1 of A Monster Mess personalized children’s book.  Copyright page shows that this book is made especially for <insert child’s name> and also has an animated gif showing how you can personalize your book with a photo of your family, a pet, artwork.  Page 1 shows a glimpse of the book personalization with the child’s face inserted into the main character of the book

A Super Personalized PICTURE BOOK

Your child is going to get a big kick out of seeing their name and face, starting with the book cover and throughout the book (on 14 pages!).

This personalized book is made even more special, with the addition of two family photos and a personal dedication.

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Happy and surprised looking girl with her head on her hands and mouth wide open, against a blue background with gift boxes and birthday candles


A totally unique and personalized gift that will make their jaw drop - they'll be so surprised to see themselves in their very own book!

Made of thick, acid-free paper to withstand the test of time.

Create a meaningful gift in just a few clicks; all you need is a name and a photo.

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About The Author

Sharon Chriscoe is the author of the Vehicle Dreams series and The Sparrow and the Trees, as well as several ebooks for Schoolwide Publishing and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Her work has also been published in Highlights High Five, Highlights Hello, The Mailbox, The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids, and more.

Sharon and her husband live in Pilot Mountain, NC. They have three children and one grandchild, and a large variety of pets.

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Headshot of Sharon Chriscoe, author of Rainy Day Picnic



“My grandson loved this book. Seeing his name & face in the book brought a huge smile to his face. He immediately wanted to read the book!”

—Susan C.


“This personalized book brought surprised faces & happiness to our family at Christmas.  My Grandson & Daughter-law immediately paged through the book with delight.  Two family photos included in the book are priceless.  Will definitely be ordering another!  Love love love it!” 

—Susan K.


“My granddaughter was fascinated that her face and family pictures were in her storybook and she is only 2 1/2.”

—Phyllis M.


“Our Read Your Story books arrived today! These are way beyond my expectations! The quality of the pages, pictures, binding are supreme! I can't wait to share these stories with grandson. They are so entertaining and beautifully illustrated. Of course, having our sweet grandson as the star makes them my favorite stories of all time. Thank you so much for this priceless gift!"

—Betsie W.


“I loved seeing my daughters' faces when they saw their books for the first time! They asked how they got in there and were just amazed. The story of the monster mess is hilarious. Nothing beats reading and having them shout out “that’s me!” 

—Susan Y.


“My toddler especially is obsessed [with his book], and asks us to read his monster story multiple times a night!” 

—Shannon P.